Law Firm Offers Discount Trademark Packages for Veterans

Van Every Creedon Attorney Kathy Van Every

Kathy Van Every

During the month of March the law firm Van Every Creedon is offering trademark services for veterans at a flat rate of $995. The offer includes the clearance search, government filing fee, and trademark monitoring for the year. This is a phenomenal opportunity to which veteran business owners should give serious consideration.

The importance of businesses conducting a proper trademark review cannot be overstated, yet often remains overlooked by new and small businesses.  The issue should be viewed from at least two perspectives.  On the one hand, businesses work hard to succeed and grow. Part of that success turns upon the protection of the company’s intellectual property, including the branding, marketing, and good will that goes with the development of goods and services. On the other hand, before adopting a name, logo, or branding strategy, a wise business owner will want to take reasonable steps to ensure that the company is not inadvertently infringing upon someone else’s intellectual property. There are few things in this world that are worse than spending time and money developing a product or service, only to receive a cease and desist letter from some lawyer accusing the business of trademark infringement. Often, the alleged infringement results in the company having to pay licensing fees or start over again from square one with its name, logo, or branding. Either proposition can be a substantial setback.

Van Every Creedon Attorney James Creedon

James Creedon

Often new or small businesses eschew hiring a lawyer to perform trademark work because the cost can be prohibitive. Paying a lawyer or agent to conduct clearance searches can run into the thousands of dollars -- which is often capital that small and new business owners simply do not believe is wisely spent when resources are limited. By skipping this step, the risk can pay off if the company is lucky.  Unfortunately, not all companies are lucky enough. In the event that the the company infringes upon someone else’s trademark, the long term effects can be substantially more expenses to resolve.

Although Van Every Creedon is based out of the Dallas Fort Worth metropolitan area, it maintains a national intellectual property practice. The firm is veteran-owned and maintaines a particular focus on assisting veterans. Vets who are interested in contacting an attorney from VEC can do so through the firm’s website at Van Every Creedon.

Van Every Creedon

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