VA Resumes In-person Exams at Limited Locations

VA Resumes In-person Exams at Limited Locations

On Thursday, May 28, the US Department of Veterans Affairs issued a press release announcing that it will begin conducting in-person compensation and pension exams (commonly referred to as “C&P Exams”) at select locations across the country. Those locations include the following:

  • White River Junction VA Medical Center, Vt.

  • Syracuse VAMC, N.Y.

  • Erie VAMC, Penn.

  • Hershel “Woody” Williams VAMC, W. Va.

  • Salem VA Healthcare System (HCS), Va.

  • Ralph H. Johnson VAMC, S.C.

  • West Palm Beach VAMC, Fla.

  • James H. Quillen VA HCS, Tenn.

  • Louis Stokes Cleveland VAMC, Ohio

  • Tomah VAMC, Wis.

  • William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital Madison VAMC, Wis.

  • Kansas City VAMC, Mo.

  • Central Arkansas Veterans HCS, Ark.

  • South Texas VA HCS, Texas

  • Fort Harrison VAMC, Mont.

  • Puget Sound VAMC, Wash.

  • Boise VAMC, Idaho

  • VA Southern Nevada HCS, Nev.

  • VA Southern Arizona HCS, Ariz.

  • Fargo HCS, N.D.

According to VA, veterans who are not within the service areas of these locations will continue to receive C&P Exams via “telehealth appointments or the acceptable clinical evidence process, which includes a review of existing medical records to provide information needed to complete the claim, whenever possible.” Veterans who receive services from the re-opening locations may elect to postpone examinations until a later date “without impact to their disability claim.”

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have a question about this or any other issue related to a VA service connected disability claim filed by you or a loved one. Our Wisconsin veterans disability claims lawyers can be reached by telephone at (608) 490-9449 or contact us online.

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