Our Response to COVID-19

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At West & Dunn, it has always been our mission to provide a healthy work environment that recognizes the needs of our employees and their families.  As the government response to COVID-19 continues to unfold, we must be flexible and accommodating for our employees, especially those with young children who are now unable to attend school.  Of course, we also strive to continue to provide uninterrupted service to all of our clients.

Fortunately, we founded our firm with an emphasis on the utilization of technology that allows for remote work for every member of our team.  Those who are unable to report to the office due to school closures, illness, or any other circumstance that might develop, are still able to access all of the information they need and remain virtually connected to the rest of our team.  We do not anticipate any major interruptions in our business operations at this time.

Because many of our attorneys and staff will be utilizing the ability to work remotely in the coming weeks, we ask that our clients contact our office before stopping by, as there may be no one physically present.  We plan to utilize means of communication other than in-person meetings to the greatest extent possible for the next several weeks. We remain available by phone and email as usual.

We look forward to warmer weather, which will hopefully bring a resolution to the current situation, and wish all of you good health.

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