West & Dunn’s Jon Heiden Addresses Impact of Landry Decision on Burn Pit Claims

Veterans Disability Claims

On January 11, 2018, an Administrative Law Judge in the Department of Labor found, for the first time ever, that exposure to military burn pits caused the adverse respiratory condition of an applicant for government benefits. News of the decision spread like wildfire across the Internet, setting social media, news, and opinions sites ablaze. In particular, veterans of the US military services hoped that the decision might indicate that the US Department of Veterans Affairs would shortly follow suit.

Unfortunately, VA has not yet changed its position regarding burn pit claims. In an article recently published on SOFRep with the assistance of other legal professionals at West & Dunn, Jon Heiden explains that although the DOL decision signals progress, optimism must be tempered at this point.

Please read the full article at this link: Burn Pits and the VA: The Impact of the Department of Labor’s Landry Decision on Disability Claims Pending Before VA

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