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Legal Support for Veterans’ Disability Matters 

If your service in the United State military caused your injury or illness, you deserve appropriate compensation. The VA’s bureaucracy, however, is notoriously difficult for veterans to navigate on their own. Many find it too difficult or even impossible to process their claims, but there’s hope when you have professional legal assistance at your side. 

West & Dunn offers appellate assistance to veterans who seek disability compensation from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Our experienced team of attorneys understand the kinds of challenges veterans face, especially those when they are unable to get the benefits they need to move forward with their lives. Regardless of your need for service for a veterans disability attorney in Manitowoc, West & Dunn can provide the critical legal support you need at this time. 

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We Can Help with Your VA Disability Appeal 

Two of the most distressful outcomes many veterans endure are a low disability rating or a rejection of their claim. Reaching either of these outcomes can be devastating, especially after waiting months or years for the VA to process your claim. Although it might look like the end of the road, it’s not. 

West & Dunn can guide you through the appeal process step by step. Whether you didn’t receive a fair disability rating, or your claim was denied, we can provide legal advice and services to help you reach a better outcome. Our knowledgeable veterans disability lawyers in Manitowoc have made a difference in many of our previous clients’ lives, and we can make a positive difference in yours. 

You must act quickly if you intend to appeal a VA disability claim denial or low disability rating. In most cases, you can only file an appeal up to one year from the date of the VA’s original decision. Your appeal can be resolved by the VA Regional Office or the Board of Veteran Appeals. We can help you with these processes, and our highly competent legal team can also handle legal claims in the courts if we can’t reach a resolution at the administrative level. 

We are dedicated to a veteran’s right to disability compensation, which means we’ll fight hard for you. With our personalized legal service, you can feel seen, heard, and cared for in ways that the VA may have previously failed. 


Is My Disability Connected to My Service? 

The VA’s role is to compensate injured and disabled veterans for medical conditions they incurred as a result of their military service. 

As the system grows more complex, however, it becomes more difficult for veterans to get the help they need. This complexity can make it difficult for veterans to adequately demonstrate their qualifications for VA disability benefits. 

To demonstrate a disability’s connection to your military service, you must prove three things: 

  • Your injury or illness began during your military service. Whether it’s a head injury, broken bone, exposure to a toxic substance, or a stressor that degraded your mental health, you must have experienced it while you were in the military. 
  • You currently suffer from your service-related disability. If you fully healed from an incident that doesn’t cause you to suffer from a disability today, you will not qualify for benefits. 
  • Your service injury caused post-service disability. If you are experiencing a disability that is at least as likely to be related to your service as not, this creates a nexus between an in-service injury and a disability that arises later in life. 


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What Causes a VA Claim Denial? 

Even if the criteria to prove a disability’s connection to military service might seem simple, the claim process is not. 

The following are common causes of denials: 

  • The veteran filed the wrong form. 
  • The veteran didn’t thoroughly explain their claim. 
  • There is a lack of nexus between the veteran’s service and the disability.

Regardless of the states cause of your denial or reduced disability rating, our legal advocates at West & Dunn can help you appeal the decision and achieve a fairer result.

Let Us Fight for Your Disability Compensation 

You fought for our country, let us fight for you. West & Dunn can provide the legal support necessary to help you reach a better outcome by appealing an unfair VA disability decision. Our veterans disability attorneys in Manitowoc are eager to support our veterans when they need help with a denial or other VA challenges. 

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